Iowa Business Advantages

We have the statistics and data to show you how Iowa compares to other states in key business and lifestyle factors. From census data to educational resources, key advantages to business climate and infrastructure, we have quantified and catalogued the information you need.

Business Climate 
Iowa offers advantages that can grow revenues with its business-friendly government policies. 

Iowa is ideally suited with air, water, rail and highway systems designed for commerce. 

Iowa ranks at the top with its highly-skilled, productive and educated work force. The result is unsurpassed business productivity. 

Quality public education is a reality in Iowa. See why Iowa's graduates consistently rank at the top. 

Quality of Life
Iowans benefit from short commutes, safe neighborhoods, top-notch medical facilities, affordable housing, and easy access to a wide variety of multicultural and recreational opportunities. The state consistently receives high marks in the annual surveys taken to determine the best places in America to live. 

Small Business Startup
Resources are available to help answer your business start-up questions.

Business License Information Center
Access information to help answer your business start-up questions and to identify any licensing, registration, or other requirements for doing business in Iowa. 

Regulatory & Compliance Assistance
Assistance on permitting and regulatory compliance, communicating with regulatory agencies, and resources for environmental technical assistance. 

Financial Assistance for Starting Your Business

Financial capital may be available to help you get your business off the ground. For more details, including revolving loan funds, state-sponsored programs, local banks and lenders, and Iowa tax advantages, see our Financial Assistance page.

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