East Sac County Community School District

Auburn, Lake View, Sac City, and Wall Lake in Sac County

Officially formed in 2011, the East Sac County Community School District was built from a consolidation of Sac and Wall Lake View Auburn districts. The PK-12 district has approximately 1,000 students with two elementary schools, a middle school in Sac City, and a high school in Lake View.

  • Elementary Schools: Wall Lake and Sac City
  • Middle School: Sac City
  • High School: Lake View

OABCIG Community School Districts

Odebolt in Sac County; Arthur, Battle Creek and Ida Grove in Ida County

The Odebolt-Arthur & Battle Creek-Ida Grove Schools are two districts involved in a whole-grade sharing agreement with a total student population around 1,000. The districts share a 9-12 grade high school in Ida Grove and 6-8 grade middle school in Odebolt. PK-5 schools are in Ida Grove and Odebolt.

  • Odebolt-Arthur Elementary School: Odebolt
  • OA-BCIG Middle School: Odebolt
  • OA-BCIG High School: Ida Grove

Ridge View Community School District

Early, Nemaha and Schaller in Sac County; Galva and Holstein in Ida County

Formed in 2010, the Schaller-Crestland and Galva-Holstein Community School Districts share middle and high schools in Early and Holstein with three elementary buildings including Schaller-Crestland in Schaller in Sac County. Total enrollment is around 800.

  • Schaller-Crestland Elementary School: Schaller
  • Ridge View Middle School: Early
  • Ridge View High School: Holstein

South Central Calhoun Community School District

Lytton in Sac County; Lake City, Lohrville, and Rockwell City in Calhoun County

The South Central Calhoun district represents a 2014 merger of the Rockwell-City Lytton and Southern Calhoun Community School District. The formation follows whole-grade sharing which had been in place between the two districts, which has approximately 900 students.

  • Elementary School: Rockwell City
  • Middle School: Rockwell City
  • High School: Lake City