Sac County Endowment Foundation

Sac County Endowment Foundation

The Sac County Endowment Foundation has established a goal of reaching as many Sac County citizens as possible to tell them about the opportunities that exist to “give back to their communities or county.”

The Sac County Foundation exists for Sac County and is affiliated with the Community Foundation of Carroll County. This affiliation allows contributions hat qualify for Endow Iowa tax credits on state tax returns.

Mission Statement
To develop and maintain an endowment fund for the good of Sac County.

Use of Funds
Eligible applicants include units of governments and 501(c)3 organizations in Sac County. Special consideration will be given to eligible applicants and projects that include significant vertical infrastructure components designed to enhance quality of life aspects within local communities. (HF 2791)

Types of Gifts
We are willing to receive cash, securities, CDs, real estate, bequests through a will or trust, estate gifts, memorial gifts, restricted or unrestricted gifts — meaning that funds do not necessarily have to go to the endowment portion, but may be designated for certain projects or communities.

Operated As


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