For Financial Advisors

For Financial Advisors

As a professional advisor do you ask yourself, “How can I recommend charity without recommending a charity?”

The answer is simple. Talk to your clients about giving through the Sac County Endowment Foundation.

Estate planners, financial planners, and other professional advisors are often faced with a delicate dilemma: You want to discuss the many benefits of charitable giving with your clients, but you want to avoid recommending specific charitable causes or organizations.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. It’s your community foundation, the Sac County Endowment Foundation.

A community foundation is a single, trusted vehicle your clients can use to address the issues they care about most, while gaining maximum tax benefits under state and federal law.

The Sac County Endowment Foundation offers a variety of giving options – including the ability to set up a charitable fund in your client’s name. It’s just one way the foundation can help you help your clients achieve their charitable goals.

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